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Glen Powell – Age, Height, Family, Wife, Kids, Movies and TV Shows, Net Worth

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Glen Powell is a name that has become synonymous with versatility and charm in Hollywood. From his captivating performances on the big screen to his charismatic presence on TV, Glen has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. But who is Glen Powell beyond the glitz and glamour? Let’s dive into the life of this talented actor and explore his journey, from his early years to his rise to fame.

Early Life and Background

Glen Thomas Powell Jr. was born on October 21, 1988, in Austin, Texas. Growing up in the heart of Texas, Glen developed a passion for acting at a young age. His parents, Glen Powell Sr. and Cyndy Powell, were supportive of his dreams, encouraging him to pursue his interests. Glen’s love for performance was evident early on, participating in local theater productions and school plays.

Childhood Dreams and Education

As a child, Glen was not just focused on acting; he also excelled academically. He attended Westwood High School, where he balanced his studies with his passion for theater. After high school, Glen pursued his higher education at the University of Texas at Austin, where he continued to hone his acting skills.

Age and Height

Glen Powell is currently 35 years old. He stands tall at 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters), which certainly adds to his on-screen presence. His height and athletic build have often made him a standout in various roles, especially in action-packed films.


Parents and Siblings

Glen comes from a close-knit family. His father, Glen Powell Sr., is a businessman, while his mother, Cyndy Powell, has always been a pillar of support for Glen and his siblings. Glen has a sister named Leslie Powell, who is also involved in the entertainment industry as a singer-songwriter.

Family Support and Influence

The Powell family has always been supportive of each other’s endeavors. Glen often credits his family’s encouragement as a key factor in his success. Their unwavering belief in his talent and their collective support have played a crucial role in shaping his career.

Wife and Kids

Relationship Status

As of now, Glen Powell is not married. However, he has been linked to several high-profile relationships. His charm and good looks have made him a favorite among fans and celebrities alike.

Current Relationship

Glen is currently dating model Gigi Paris. The couple has been spotted together on numerous occasions, and their relationship seems to be going strong. While they haven’t tied the knot yet, fans are eagerly waiting for any news about their future together.

Career Beginnings

First Steps in Hollywood

Glen Powell’s journey in Hollywood began with small roles in TV shows and films. His first notable appearance was in the 2003 film “Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over,” where he played a minor role. This was just the beginning of a promising career.

Early Challenges

Like many aspiring actors, Glen faced his fair share of challenges in the early stages of his career. Auditions, rejections, and small roles were part of the process. However, his determination and talent eventually paid off, leading to more significant opportunities.

Breakthrough Roles

The Big Break

Glen Powell’s breakthrough came with the 2014 film “The Expendables 3,” where he starred alongside Hollywood heavyweights like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. This role showcased his potential and opened doors for more prominent roles.

Rise to Fame

Another pivotal moment in Glen’s career was his role in the critically acclaimed film “Everybody Wants Some!!” in 2016. Directed by Richard Linklater, this film earned Glen widespread recognition and established him as a rising star in Hollywood.

Notable Movies

Top Gun: Maverick

One of Glen Powell’s most notable roles to date is in the highly anticipated film “Top Gun: Maverick.” Starring alongside Tom Cruise, Glen’s performance has been lauded by critics and fans alike. This role has further solidified his status as a leading actor in the industry.

Hidden Figures

In 2016, Glen starred in the Oscar-nominated film “Hidden Figures.” His portrayal of astronaut John Glenn was praised for its authenticity and depth. This film highlighted Glen’s ability to take on diverse roles and deliver powerful performances.

Popular TV Shows

Scream Queens

Glen Powell gained significant popularity with his role in the TV series “Scream Queens.” Playing the charming and witty Chad Radwell, Glen’s performance was a hit among viewers and added a new dimension to his acting career.

Other TV Appearances

In addition to “Scream Queens,” Glen has made guest appearances in several popular TV shows, including “NCIS,” “The Lying Game,” and “Into the West.” These roles have showcased his versatility and range as an actor.

Awards and Recognitions

Critical Acclaim

Glen Powell’s talent has not gone unnoticed. He has received several nominations and awards throughout his career. His performances in films like “Hidden Figures” and “Everybody Wants Some!!” have earned him critical acclaim and industry recognition.

Fan Favorites

In addition to critical acclaim, Glen has also won the hearts of fans worldwide. His charismatic personality and engaging performances have made him a favorite among audiences, leading to numerous fan-voted awards and accolades.

Net Worth

Financial Success

As of 2024, Glen Powell’s estimated net worth is around $7 million. His successful career in movies and TV shows, along with various endorsement deals, has contributed to his financial success.

Investments and Assets

Apart from his earnings from acting, Glen has made smart investments in real estate and other ventures. His financial acumen has ensured that he not only earns well but also secures his future.

Philanthropy and Personal Interests

Charitable Work

Glen Powell is known for his philanthropic efforts. He actively supports various charitable organizations and causes. From children’s education to animal welfare, Glen’s contributions have made a positive impact on many lives.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of his professional life, Glen enjoys several hobbies. He is an avid traveler and often shares his adventures on social media. Glen is also passionate about fitness, regularly engaging in activities like hiking, surfing, and yoga.

Social Media Presence

Engaging with Fans

Glen Powell has a strong social media presence, with millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. He regularly interacts with his fans, sharing glimpses of his personal life, behind-the-scenes moments, and updates about his projects.

Influence and Reach

His engaging content and authentic interactions have made him a social media influencer in his own right. Glen’s online presence allows him to connect with fans on a personal level, further enhancing his popularity.

Future Projects

Upcoming Movies

Glen Powell’s career shows no signs of slowing down. He has several exciting projects lined up, including roles in upcoming movies that are eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike.

Expanding Horizons

In addition to acting, Glen is exploring other facets of the entertainment industry. He has expressed interest in producing and directing, indicating a desire to expand his horizons and take on new challenges.


Glen Powell’s journey from a young boy with big dreams in Texas to a Hollywood star is nothing short of inspiring. His talent, dedication, and charismatic personality have earned him a special place in the hearts of audiences worldwide. With a promising career and a bright future ahead, Glen Powell continues to captivate us with his performances and charm.

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Q: How old is Glen Powell?

A: Glen Powell is currently 35 years old, born on October 21, 1988.

Q: Is Glen Powell married?

A: No, Glen Powell is not married. He is currently dating model Gigi Paris.

Q: What are some of Glen Powell’s notable movies?

A: Some of Glen Powell’s notable movies include “Top Gun: Maverick,” “Hidden Figures,” and “Everybody Wants Some!!”

Q: What TV shows has Glen Powell appeared in?

A: Glen Powell has appeared in TV shows like “Scream Queens,” “NCIS,” and “The Lying Game.”

Q: What is Glen Powell’s net worth?

A: As of 2024, Glen Powell’s estimated net worth is around $7 million.

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